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Welcome to the Home of the Handbag!

Designer inspired leather handbags and faux leather handbags.


We are passionate about handbags. Whether they're real or faux leather; hobo, shoulder, tote or bowling bag, we love them all!

At Fred&Eve we have a winning combination: We love fashion and as women, we know what we want in a bag. So we design for ourselves and for our friends and family, who are a constant source of advice and inspiration. 

The Home of the Handbag brings you a collection of the finest leather and faux leather handbags in all styles: shopper, hobo, tote and shoulder.  We know how intrinsic a beautiful handbag is to every woman's life so we've designed our own system to help in the design process: 

All of our pieces are appraised at design level using our own 26-point "handbag usability factors" or HUFs, as we call them. This ensures they are not just stylish, but also suitably useful and practical as well. There's nothing worse than a useles handbag, however pretty and we want to know that every one of our bags is not only beautiful to look at, but also perfectly functional.


Love what you do and do what you love.


We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and we are serious about customer service too. When you buy one of our designer inspired handbags, you’re buying into our company which is incredibly important to us! If you love our handbags let us know; and if you don't, let us know too! We WILL respond and we do want your feedback.

Our customers are a constant source of inspiration to us, so get in touch, follow us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram or sign up to receive our newsletter. 

Which is your brand?


With our 3 brand new ranges we know we have the right handbag for you.

Fred&Eve woman knows fashion but doesn't have to follow it. She is confident. She prizes quality and style above all! Are you a Fred&Eve woman?
Stylish in her own way, practical and aware, SaintB girl knows what looks good on her even if it's not up to the minute fashion! Are you a SaintB girl?
Truly Rocks girl is edgy and young at heart. She sees things from a different angle. She's full of life and she TRULY ROCKS! Are you a Truly Rocks girl?
And we know that you girls have different budgets. There’s a bag here for you, you just need to find it!